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Montvale is a lovely little town in Northern Bergen County. In Montvale, there is an elementry school, a middle school and a highschool. Most woodcliff lake kids come to our highschool Pascack Hills High School. Montvale is the best and all haters are fucking jealous. Most kids are good. Some smoke and some drink but name one school where people don't. This is a great town and honestly we have the best friends here. The town might be boring but there is usually a lot to do. Montvale is 75% catholic, 20% jewish and 5% other. Just because we don't go to barmitzvahs everyweek and we don't get nose jobs and juicy items every other day. Montvale kicks ass and if you don't live here then why are you reading this?
Jaret: " Do you know Montvale?"

Megan: " You mean that awesome town in Northern Bergen County?"

Jaret: " Yeah"

Megan: " I LIVE THERE!!

Jaret: " DAMN! YOUR LUCKY!!"
by fukdkkd March 17, 2008

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