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The girls sure get lucky with dirty rednecks of all sizes. If she's really lucky, she gets with a pale white wigger who's never experienced real gang shit yet listens to to tupac thinking he's a boss. He's never been in a fight before, yet he listens to songs about knocking a bitch out. He listens to songs about pussy, weed and money. But he's such a loser he only gets the one in the middle (weed) he has a penis like one of these --> A) its small B) he doesn't trim C) its crooked D) its erectily dysfunctional E) or all of the above.
They think they're hot shit? Nawwwww
Ladies do yourselves a favor. Get with a decent looking nerd. In about 10 years you will be happily married, have a nice house, great money, and a few well taken care of kids.

Sluts, get with a douchebag loser who looks good now and is too cool for school. In about 10 years, that bloated ass beer belly will snap his buttons off his shirt, and he will disrespect and beat the living hell out of you and spend his days drinking beer and going out to the bar with his buddies and getting luck with some tramp. You'll have already popped out 6 kids who hate your guts for giving them the shittiest home life possible. Don't worry thought. In about a year, he will have already left you for some broad he met last month that he snuck around with behind your back every night he was 'working late'
This life will be fine for you if you're fine with the fact that swag isn't going to pay your bills in about 10 years.
Some woman look up to kate middleton! But this bitch looks up to kim kardashian. Gross.

Capac sucks
by fuckyoucapac January 09, 2012
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