19 definitions by fuckyou

A tasty snack or a new fashion item.
I eat meat and wear leather, which are dead animals!
by FUCKYOU October 19, 2003
:(noun) a muke is an ugly person with an ugly history (i.e. prostitution, getting the shit beaten out of them)
Also see: bitch, slut, prostitute, easy, donna
Anyone with a penis: "Wanna suck my cock?"
The Muke: "Sure!"
by fuckyou March 08, 2005
Quintuple penetration.
by FuCKYou October 31, 2003
dipshits. none of u know it. 420, started by the grateful dead (im pretty sure its them and not the waldos) cuz the waldo's couldnta started a worldwide thing, u dumbfucks.and its when u get high, the date is all messed up, cuz poseurs at my school got arrested for gettin high today, cuz right now its 4/20, and t heyre losers cuz they dont even know whatit is. dude, theyre fuckin poseur ass gayasses
hey look, ur a donkeyshit!
by fuckyou April 20, 2004
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