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a genre of metal, usually melodic. inspired by 80s metal, has a medievil/fantasy feel to it
uh destoryer of metal i dunno what power metal fans you know, but i have a girlfriend and hate video games so thats not that accurate.
by fuckyou October 04, 2003
What most Black preachers think you have.
I have the power.
Nah, say it like ya mean it, boy.
by FUCKYOU November 01, 2003
Anger or hatred to same-sex couples or gays/lesbians. No, this does not mean you're scared of homosexuals because you'll feel anxious or scared, which I highly doubt will happen because you're really just being an asshole.
The gay couple was often teased and bullied by the homophobic teens and teachers at school.

Her homophobic parents would abuse her because they disapproved how she was dating another girl.
When he started dating John, his homophobic friends beat him up.
Ey was often harassed when ey was with her in public by the homophobic strangers passing them.
by FuCkYoU May 30, 2015
Something very strange that is generally seen as twisted, unacceptable, or just weird, but that some people seek out for enjoyment.
"A tu madre le gusta 'un azote bueno'. Es su mind fuck" Mi padre...
by Fuckyou June 14, 2006
Scottie pippen's mother.
So last night, I was humping Scottie's mom and I got crazy and shit all over her face. Which resulted in a sloppy pippen.
by fuckyou March 27, 2004
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