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Having an extra sex partner. Having sex with a friend as in friend with benefits while in a relationship with someone else.
I like fucking him on the side, just like I like ordering my salad dressing on the side.
by Frisco Stories August 12, 2008
A nasty, angry, Godzilla type of a boss
My boss was screaming at me all morning, she is such a Bosszilla!
by Frisco Stories September 10, 2008
a person who tries to make a fortune on the internet
John registered 50 domain names hoping to sell them for a fortune...he's such a internetpreneur
by frisco stories September 04, 2008
a straight dude pretending he is gay while he's really on the make and after chicks
My friend Marcus was dancing like a disco queen and then all of a sudden tried to feel me up on the dance floor. He's such a fauxfag!
by frisco stories August 16, 2008
In person instead of online
I've been cybering Jane for days, instead we could have been bumping uglies in real time.
by Frisco Stories August 18, 2008
to be sexually curious about a trans person. In the same way as bi curious relates to being sexually curious about someone of the same gender.
Mary wants to go out with Jack, who used to be Jill, she is so transcurious.
by Frisco Stories September 12, 2008
a brief love affair between an older man and a young woman.
the old fart macked on that fresh meat for 3 months, it was a winter summer romance
by frisco stories February 04, 2009

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