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Bund Ungle is either to stick your finger where it is not wanted or an object that can be stuck in akward places. Literal meaning of the phrase is to stick your finger in your bum
1 - "Philomena is such a bund ungle, she always wants to get in my business"

2 - "I need some kind of bund ungle to get that out"

3 - Ste: Hey Jayne, what did she say

Jayne: Stop being a bund ungle its none of your business
by Frickernator January 12, 2010
To bum lick, suck up or generally try to butter someone up, can be in a slimey way as well as just in a nice way
1- Abu: Oh Sofia, do you mind if i call you Sofia? you are the best you are so Funny and i always hear lovely things about you
Sofia: Stop being a much mamia abu

2- Abu is such a much mamia

3- Sofia: will you go and ask Ste for help, go on do some much mamia and he wil
by Frickernator January 12, 2010
Abbr: slurpy bum lick

Some one who is a super kiss ass and would make slurping noises to show their best bum licking efforts
1 -Jayne - you look great today h, is it thursday?
Heather- stop being such an sbl

2 - That girl is well sbl'ing her boss
by frickernator January 12, 2010

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