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Used instead of "neoconservationism" by people that refuse to recognize neocons as conservative.
Neoconmunism is a socialist ideology.
by frick1 February 24, 2010
Gay Black Man or Gay Black Male. Not an insult - just a code word.
My GBM friend Darrel is on the down-low.
by frick1 February 24, 2010
Gamer slang for owned or defeated.
Blue team sucked - we pooped on them.
by frick1 February 24, 2010
An archaic slur for a British person - still used humorously today (British Army used to wear red coats - lobsters are red).
That dirty Lobster-back has bad teeth.
by frick1 February 24, 2010
The last authentic beach ghetto in California.
Imperial Beach is too close to Mexico to ever be safe or clean.
by frick1 February 24, 2010
A traitor. Neoconservatives believe in forcibly seizing the livelihood of Americans, under threat of abduction and imprisonment by the IRS, and the transfer of said earnings to foreigners, for instance, residents of the fanatically Islamic anti-American terror-state of Iraq—a nation in which more than 85% of the general public supported 9/11.

“Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort.” –The Constitution

The Iraqi general public are enemies (and hate Americans so much they want us to die in a fire - polls show more than 85% of Iraqis supported the 9/11 attacks). Giving aid and comfort to enemies constitutes treason as clearly defined by the Constitution. Without exaggeration, neocons, that believe in theft of American livelihoods, and the subsequent spending of said earnings on elections, public services, building schools etc. for our enemies (the Iraqis), are traitors and should be executed as such.
Anyone that supported the Iraq invasion for reasons other than homeland security is a neoconservative and an international communist traitor that ought to be dragged out into the street and shot in the head, and dumped far enough out-to-sea that his or her treasonous commie remains don’t wash-up on American shores in any recognizable form.
by frick1 March 29, 2010
Not quite funemployed. Underemployed or not having enough hours but not caring and having a good time.
I'm fun-deremployed - I'm down to ten hours a week but don't care.
by frick1 February 24, 2010
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