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a nuggy is the act of rapping your arm around the neck of someone, locking there head so they cant move. Then using the knuckles on your other hand, you digg them into there head, rubbing up and down back and forth on there head, just for the humour of there pain.
stanno- " Fuckin ger'ere now ya little shit. Fartin in our car, gunna fuckin nuggy ya, fuckin gay."
by fresh prince of bellend April 15, 2009
Aka - Fuming.
If you are fumin' then you are very angry or mad.
It is used alot in the North East of England.
Dez- " Im proper fumin' me, just found out our lass is prega'z."
by fresh prince of bellend April 14, 2009
Aggy Boo is a term said in the town Middlesbrough. It is used when someone has had something unfortunate said or done etc to them.
It is used as a "the jokes on you" kind of way...Devastated if you will.
Bill-o - " Shit, i left ma phone in ma trousers. Its in the fuckin washer now."
Benzy - " Ahahaha! Aggy Boo mate!"
by fresh prince of bellend April 12, 2009
meaning something is harsh, out of order, not right.
Used alot in the town Middlesbrough.
freddo - " Dia ya here what happend to our dog? It got out of the garden and that lad whos lass i shagged ran over it in one of them plaggy three wheeler fuckin pencil sharpener cars, Proper Shockin' as fuck."
by fresh prince of bellend April 14, 2009
meaning that you are being very honest about something.
todd -"A' fuckin Swear Down right, shut the fuck up, ya doin ma head in."
by fresh prince of bellend April 14, 2009
If you have been called a "sly off" then you have snook off with a friend right after being with another friend.
This was used in Middlesbrough alot back in the day, meaning anyone around the age 17+ were either sneaky shitty friends or had shitty little sly off friends.
karren - " I was with sammy the other day right and she only fucked off with beth from Pallypark."
Fay - "Really?! what a fuckin sly off"
by fresh prince of bellend April 14, 2009
to be devastated. Used around the town Middlesbrough alot.
Davey B - "Aww, i was in P.E today and some nob'ed nicked one of ma shoes."
Carlo - "Ahahaha! Devoed!!!"
by fresh prince of bellend April 14, 2009

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