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Random Indian homosexual who drives a fucia door hatchback.
Damn dude, look at that friggin' coopacochee over there.
by frenchphish May 04, 2005
a stain resulting from sporadic uncontrolled ejacultion in a cheap hotel room
Damn dude, that man stain I left at motel 6 is gonna leave me without my security deposit.
by frenchphish May 04, 2005
1.The distinct ability to see objects in multiple locations simultaniously.

2. A mongolian retard that remarkably resembles Saskwatch.
1.Damn dude, I just wanna heharr the fuck out of this titty bar!
2. You must have just woke up because you are looking like a friggin heharr!!
by frenchphish May 05, 2005
The process of finding out what others are thinking.
what' chafink of this fag?
by frenchphish May 04, 2005
Deposits created by the mixing of urine and saltwater combined during the flushing cycle of toilet operations, which results in acement like deposit on the inner lining of drain pipes of urinal drain pipes; also a douchebag not worthy of sharing air or being peed on see period chunk
look at all of those damn salty pee pieces floating on the fllor!!...quick call carl to fix it!
by frenchphish May 04, 2005
The act of flinging poop at a Mongolian retard.
Hey look!!...a mongolian retard!!!...let's go ahead fling tard him,!!
by frenchphish May 04, 2005
Someone who looks like they just combed their hair with a pork chop...seeperiod chunk
Damn dude, looks like you hooked up with another schnee, huh?
by frenchphish May 04, 2005

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