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Getting screwed because you're fooled by a fake "grass roots" organization which is masquerading as populism when it's actually lining the pockets of the wealthy by further reducing their already disproportionately small tax burden, removing regulation on their financial ponzi schemes, and otherwise making their unethical greed legal.
The "mad as hell and not gonna take it crowd" are generally being teabuggered by people with 8 digit incomes who's biggest worry is how they're going to afford another yacht.
by freerangegeek September 21, 2010
Having the political intellect of a sack of dried leaves.
The tea brained flock to anyone shouting taxes are too high like pigeons.
by freerangegeek August 05, 2010
Carrying around the burden of being white, privileged, and wealthy while assuming that somehow means your oppressed.
Glen Beck has more tea baggage than Louis Vuitton.
by freerangegeek September 14, 2010

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