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noun: severe coricidin addiction steming from the feeling of "being in space" that high doses of DXM in the form of coricidin cough and cold will give you specificly refering the the attendant insanity that comes with a coricidin addiction also coming from an episode of ren and stimpy.
"man frank really has space madness"
by fred c hastings May 19, 2005
an upper or upper middle class (white)girl who likes to chill on the corners with thugz gangstaz and other negroz.
yeah that bitch suzy is just a thugbrat.
by fred c hastings November 03, 2005
addictive (yes addictive) otc cough medication that will make you trip fucking balls. however for some it isnt as life threatening but i DO NOT suggest taking ccc some of us are just so fucking hard core though
in one weekend i took 52 tabs of coricidin and didnt die but however my heart beat was irregular for 3 days afterwards. (true story)
by fred c hastings October 14, 2005

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