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A minced oath from the 40's and 50's, now used a little more ironically.

An exclamation, akin to "Oh, gosh!" or "Oh my God", used to express frustration, disbelief, or unbelievable tiredness. Can also be said in reaction to someone jumping out of your closet and scaring the shit out of you.

More often used by chicks than guys, but your mileage may vary. Best when pronounced with a Wisconson accent.
Chad: Oh golly, I had a rough day at work today.

Saz: Suck it up, you wuss.
#oh gosh #oh my jihad #oh my god #golly #curse
by freakydeakscale February 09, 2010
Alternate (read: slightly more studly) name for the man-purse, murse, messenger bag or "satchel" that straight or metro guys try to get away with carrying these days. Usually is made of canvas.

Comes from the Australian term "swag", a waterproof bedroll that foot-travelers used to roll up their possessions in for safekeeping and easy travel.
"Hey, Brett, check out Hunter's man-purse. He's such a prep."
"Naw, dude, don't you know anything? That's totally a guywag."
"What's a guywag?"
"Check urbandictionary and find out yourself, you lazy slacker."
#guywag #man purse #murse #canvas #satchel #guy #messenger #swag
by freakydeakscale October 26, 2009
A group of three or more girls hanging together at a public place (most likely a bar) who are willing to protect others of their group from the awkward and/or unattractive guys that might approach them during the course of the evening.
"Stacey, wanna hang at The Sau later tonight?"

"No way, I heard that John from accounting goes there to try and pick up women on his night off."

"Don't worry, we've got mansurance; I'm bringing Krista and Wren along."
#mansurance #man insurance #bar #drinking #chicks
by freakydeakscale October 19, 2009
The masculine version of a tramp stamp; i.e. a lower back tattoo on a guy.
Dude, I was at the gym last week and I saw Jerome? Yeah, he went up to the treadmill and whipped off his shirt, and bro, I swear, he had a fag tag! No shit, it was like all tribal, and it was on his ass, dude. No, I wasn't looking at his ass. Faggot.
#tramp stamp #male #fag tag #slag tag #ass antlers
by freakydeakscale October 22, 2009
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