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1. The act of fisting a midget with the left hand.
2. The name of a pro-environmental boy band from the early 90s most famous for their one-hit wonder "You Can Break My Heart, But Not The Rainforest".
3. The working title of "The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy, Gentleman" by Laurence Stern.
4. A loose translation of Martin Heidegger's "In-der-Welt-sein".
1. Tracy asked for a Left Hand Gulliver last night. She's been walking funny the whole morning.
2. "Left Hand Gulliver" seriously sucked. The name didn't have anything to do with environmentalism.
3. Good thing Stern scrapped that last title. I still can't believe that he didn't know his book was referring to midget fisting.
4. The traditional Western dichotomy of object/subject has been exerted in the Heideggerian notion of "Left Hand Gulliver".
by franzpolak November 10, 2010
1. An ostentatious exhibition of many surgically removed penises.
2. An act of using a surgically removed penis as a rubbing agent to evoke long forgotten memories of acceptable forms of sexual pleasure.
1. She's just flaunting those amputated cocks around like it's Christmas or something. Now that's some good ol' fashioned cocksploitation!
2. Jimmy is still using his dead grandfather's penis to remind himself of better times with Jerry. It's really a classic case of grandfather cocksploitation, as described by Sigmund Freud in his 1901 paper.
by franzpolak November 08, 2010
1. A person who regularly consumes surgically removed female genitalia in a preposterous, but skillful manner.
2. A discontinued Brazilian brand of strawberry flavored lollipops from the 1960s.
3. Anyone who has studied Hegel's "Grundlinien der Philosophie des Rechts" and took it seriously.
1. This is the third vagina I've consumed today in public but pieces still keep falling out of my mouth. That makes me a poor cuntguzzler.

2. Mmm. This cuntguzzler sure is tasty.

3. Wow, he really is familiar with Hegel's work. He must be a real cuntguzzler.
by franzpolak November 08, 2010

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