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4 definitions by frank_bird

An alternative to the popular expression "Read it and Weep Sister!", which involves publicly humiliating others with pure fact. The only difference with this one is that you say it to fellow gardening chums while carrying out essential weeding tasks in your garden. The idea being that you foster generally better growing conditions there.
Busily weeding your lettuce patch with a pal on a Saturday morning in your allotment, you turn to this gardening chum and exclaim: Weed it and Reap Sister! (Then Hi-5!)
by frank_bird May 17, 2010
That pose that has taken the world of Facebook (and Social Networking in general) by storm, where all and sundry seductively place there index finger (usually) to the side of their pouting “Oouuh” lips when their photo is being taken. Kinda like a cross between Austin Powers and Jordan being seductive (ie, not always attractive).
On a night out pretty much anywhere in the West, you’re sure to encounter the phenomenon of bumping into groups of hipsters struttin’ their stuff, and lots of flashes going off and Facebook fingering taking place.
by frank_bird June 25, 2010
Plippy = the 'Pl' from Plastic + the 'ippy' from Hippy.
Plastic Hippy = Plippy (plural = Plippies)
The word Plippy came to me one day while I was standing in a queue for an ATM. There were 2 so-called 'Hippies' standing in front of me; you know, the ones with long dreadlocks, have dogs as friends by default, and are usually either smoking a joint or drinking a can of beer (if not both). But these 2 were different; sure they had the hair, the dogs and the beers, but they were also wearing designer clothes and glasses, and took out €300 from the ATM! Modern-day hippies with plastic cards = Plippies
by frank_bird January 12, 2009
An "inter-Continental Ballistic Bong-hit", or "iCBBh", is a token gesture to a fellow pot-smoker, who happens to live on another Continent.

The idea is you are both smoking (or otherwise consuming) marijuana at the same time; but because of the wonders of modern technology, you are both able to do so online, at the same time - so it's like you're having a joint together basically.

An "iCBBh" or "inter-Continental Ballistic Bong-hit", is a sign of the times and denotes understanding...

Dude, I think this calls for an iCBBh - inter-Continental Ballistic Bong-hit!??!!
by frank_bird July 04, 2009