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"guns n roses" was an 80s rock band. the name was derrived from the two origional members tracii guns and axl rose. Origional members were:
axl(william axl rose) - singer

slash (saul hudson)- lead guitar

izzy stradlin (Jeff isabell) - rhythem
guitar *used to be drummer*

Duff McKagen (michael Mckagen) - bass

Stephen adler (the man) - drums

The band went their different ways over a period of time starting from 1993 and different band members took over. The one origional member of the band - axl rose is still trying to re-create the band as it was at its glory...he can only get away with it since he is pretty damned amazing onstage! However we are still waiting for chinese democracy

the other band members went onto do different projects, the most successful of all,involvs slash,duff and Matt sorum (who replaced stephen on drums in 1990) together in a band with dave kushner and front man skott weiland.

They kick ass, and have given great strength and joy to many other youths including myself. a 1 disc greatest hits album does NOT give the band justice

"you know where you are!? your in the jungle baby...your guna diiiieieeieieieiieieeiieieieiei...."
by fran xox August 06, 2004
a person who is addicted to the internet, and if there is no way to get to the internet, will suffer from withrawel symptoms.
These people usualy have internet girlfriends or internet boyfriends and lack socialising in the *real world*
also known to partake in internet roleplay games
"im going to post on my rpg"
by fran xox August 06, 2004
slang word for "cant"
"you wanna go out tonight?"

"I canne b arsed"
by fran xox August 08, 2004
www.tubgirl.com will make you be sick. i just looked at it now. i feel ill. and wen i tried to go back on my web browser, it wouldnt let me and i was stuck with the horrid picture and had to exit. i feel ill.
"i need to be sick, how do i acomplish that without sticking my fingers down my throaght!?"

"look at tubgirl"
by fran xox August 08, 2004
like choonit is a slang word for tune...
omg, what a banging chyawn this is!
by fran xox August 09, 2004
There is a very fine line between a best friend and a worst enemy.
"my best friend is so great"
"he/she is a whore"
by fran xox August 08, 2004
when something or someone is crazy. is crazy
"Yal are so wack!"
"Wiggidy wack!?"
"No, just regular type"
by fran xox August 09, 2004
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