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when somebody(usually a bum) takes a shit in their pants, and wiggles the leg on the pants to let it out onto the ground..

i just saw that dude walking down the street take a bumshit!
#bum #bumshit #shit #crap #poop #pants
by FRAKNESS October 20, 2008
when you eat or snort adderall for recreational use.
We had a long week of work, so inorder to stay up to gamble in Atlantic City we had to switch to life in hd....
#adderall #hd #life #drugs #speed
by FRAKNESS November 03, 2009
The act of taking or having to take a morning crap before 7:30am, usually accompanied by severe stomach pains and cramps from the previous night of drinking alcohol and eating greasy food.
I have to Roncs really bad right now.

Ima be off headsets for ten minutes, I GOTTA RONCS!!!
#shit #crap #poop #poo #defecate
by frakness May 28, 2010
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