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3 definitions by frakness

when somebody(usually a bum) takes a shit in their pants, and wiggles the leg on the pants to let it out onto the ground..

i just saw that dude walking down the street take a bumshit!
by FRAKNESS October 20, 2008
when you eat or snort adderall for recreational use.
We had a long week of work, so inorder to stay up to gamble in Atlantic City we had to switch to life in hd....
by FRAKNESS November 03, 2009
The act of taking or having to take a morning crap before 7:30am, usually accompanied by severe stomach pains and cramps from the previous night of drinking alcohol and eating greasy food.
I have to Roncs really bad right now.

Ima be off headsets for ten minutes, I GOTTA RONCS!!!
by frakness May 28, 2010