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when somebody(usually a bum) takes a shit in their pants, and wiggles the leg on the pants to let it out onto the ground..

i just saw that dude walking down the street take a bumshit!
by FRAKNESS October 20, 2008
A horrid ass smell from when a Homeless person shits their pants can cant replace or wipe his ass thus resulting the worst smelling shit ever have been smelt before. Can also be used for a term for having to take a shit severly bad to the breaking point where your about to shit you pants literally.
"Dude get out of the bathroom i got the bumshits."

"you like 2 girls 1 cup? your gonna love my bumshit soup."
by Jewdip November 10, 2009
bum shit is commonly used as a phrase to discribe ones appearance.
ew i look like bum shit :(
by scissorsfrybontanameth February 02, 2010
Also means "lame" or "stupid," this word is used to describe something negatively.
Guy: This game is bumshit. Let's leave.

Dude: Man, that throw was bumshit.

A Person: This is the most bumshit test I have ever taken!
by Setnochima April 16, 2007
Feces deposited in a semi-public urban location by homeless people.
"My girlfriend's retarded dog rolled in bumshit this weekend. It took 3 hours to clean her off."
by Chat Orange February 16, 2009
to be an analy excreted person, unworthy to breathe oxygen. or any other gas.
untrustworthy, lying, backstabbing, evil person.
a general all round bastard
"see you in hell bumshit!"
by dantesparda March 25, 2005
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