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3 definitions by foxwell adams

The act of developing an erection so rapidly that the penis itself gyrates violently and audibly, like a spring board shortly after being used.
"Hey man, did you see the newest Transformers movie?"
"Sure did! Megan Fox gave me the best springboard!"
by foxwell adams January 06, 2010
A collection of men who share the insatiable desire to entertain and are inextricably bound through the magic of song.
See that group of guys over there? $50 says that is a Bromatic Progression!
by foxwell adams December 25, 2010
When you find a stranger, knock them unconscious, and shave off their pubes. Then, while they are still incapacitated, you microwave the shavings and tape them under your victims nose in the shape of a mustache. At this point, you will have to start running because the atrocious smell produced by the newly formed pube-stache will jolt your victim awake.
Did you hear Bob lost his sense of smell? I guess someone gave him the ol' Argentinian Mustache. The shame alone drove his wife to infidelity. Pity.
by foxwell adams April 01, 2011