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(n) A character in an online game that has a class/profession/job/etc. which focuses on spell that delivers massive damage (a nuke). These casters generally live in a symbiotic relationship with a Tank to work effectively.
"/info Good group of Tanks looking for a decent nuker, pst"
by fourtimesasec January 22, 2004
Ancient term that had it's hay-day during the C & C era. Zerg Rush has replaced it entirely.

Building a huge number of units(tanks being the most powerful) and sending them blindly toward the enemy.
"That lamer just Tank Rushed me"
by fourtimesasec January 15, 2004
(n) Originated in RPG console games as a means to remove effects of poison, disease, or other health related status effects.

Today many online RPG players use it to describe various "Cure" actions.
"That mob just pwnd me with some mean posion, toss me some detox plz"
by fourtimesasec January 15, 2004

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