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someone who does no work but takes all of the credit, someone who uses "we" when it comes to work she wants you to do, but sits and takes all of the credit herself for the work that you did. Someone who doesnt talk to you for 2 days if you dont do 110% of her work. Someone who acts stressed out and screams and swears to act like shes busy so no one bothers her. someone who leaves work early all of the time. someone whos time off grows interest.
Crazy Eye is SUCH a lazy credit siv, she needs to retire.
by fortatkinsonknowitall April 11, 2007
When you have whipped cream on your titties
sherry's whipped kitties impressed all of the men at the bachelors party
by fortatkinsonknowitall April 10, 2007
female boner of clit
While watching Frank walk around town with his empty double stroller, shirtless, showing off his fine physique and nice tan, Sherry had a raging clit boner
by fortatkinsonknowitall June 26, 2007
Having so much hair on your hands that it resembles fur.
furry paws is all over tuna pussy
by fortatkinsonknowitall April 10, 2007
when a man who drinks too much diet pepsi, who cant kiss, shoves his tongue down your throat and leaves a rash on your face from his stubble
i cringed when i thought of his dry pepsi breath too much stubble and tongue from last night
by fortatkinsonknowitall April 10, 2007
a phrase used when you feel exausted because your assistant is taking care of a huge workload and you sit on your butt
merry felt that she and her assistant were both balls to the wall when they had a lot of work to do and her assistant did all the work
by fortatkinsonknowitall April 13, 2007

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