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The place in Bakersfield, Ca where everyone either loves, hates, or wants to change. Liberty is full of nice people who also love themselves. Unknowingly they sometimes ignore the people they love the most. Liberty is very highly educated, but the students chose what they want to do with their knowledge.

The kids there are sweet, unless you don't fit into their group. Then they will say "Hi," but nothing much more. Liberty's cliques are so ridiculous that many people wish that their own friends wouldn't exclude them at all. Best friends switch rapidly and it is hard to find true friends. The good friends that you find, hold to tightly and don't let them go.

If you aren't in sports or extra stuff, then you are pretty much not in the in crowd. Everyone talks about sports! Stockdale and Frontier seem to be some of the biggest rivals when it comes to sports. Sports are the highlights of the school year.

Other than these things...Liberty is the place to BE! This high school has a place for everyone, but you just have to find it! Whether it is the in crowd, choir, band, art, or more there is a place for you! You will know everyone by name, BUT it is your choice if you want them to know you. Not everyone likes everyone.

Basically Liberty is a hard working school to keep students smart and keep the reputation up high. Go to Liberty and people will be jealous! All of the pretty (not sluts) and cool people go to Liberty, so other schools be jealous!
Kid 1: "Hey what school do you go to?"

Kid 2: "Liberty High School. What about you?"

Kid 1: "No way you go to Liberty! I want to, but I need a transfer!"
Adult 1: "Which school is the best to try to get my kid into for high school?"

Adult 2: "Liberty is of course the best choice. Try to get a transfer soon! I did and my child is doing great!"

Adult 1: "Thanks a lot!"
by foreveryoung2014 May 11, 2011

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