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Just to let you know
The party is on friday. Oh and j2lyk its BYOB

Oh so you're dating Brandon? j2lyk..he has herpes. lol.
by forever_undeadd March 15, 2009
A party in which the host instructs people NOT to eat for at least a couple of hours before coming to the party. This is because drinking on an empty stomach gets you drunk faster therefore requiring less alchohol to be purchased.
Hey Kate I'm throwing a party this weekend but running low on cash so it's looking like its gonna be a poor man's party.
by forever_undeadd March 28, 2009
1. Alternate meaning for the Nintendo DS instead of Dual Screen.

2. The act of getting your dick sucked. Also known as a blowjob. Has multiple ways to be said (see example 2)

Example 1. Timmy, can I borrow your D Snap for the bus ride?

Example 2a. I got my d snapped on Friday night.

Example 2b. Susan: Hey, what are you doing Saturday night?
Becky: Oh probly snappin some d's.
by Forever_Undeadd March 07, 2009
a chick who is just ASKING to be groped by wearing high skirts and/or tank tops.
DAMN! Catherine is just standing there ripe for the groping!
by forever_undeadd March 28, 2009

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