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"Everyone says that Pam Anderson would be nothing without her tits. That is just not true... She'd be Paris Hilton
As told by Sarah Silverman on the roast of Pam Anderson
by foo bear August 24, 2005
someone who actually would not be the man he is today without his hair
"I have a stylist I go to in Queens. His name is Antonio. I think he's a fruit. But the bottom line is that the hair speaks for itself. Here's his card, tell him I sent you, and ask for the onion loaf."
by foo bear August 25, 2005
basically meaning black or relating to the black culture
Person 1-yo look at what those ghetto kids are wearin

Person 2-yea i know, their shorts are so fuckin low that they could be pants
by foo bear August 08, 2005

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