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In Spanish slang , an instance of heroine consumption, typically burning a line of heroine on foil paper, heating it with a lighter under it, and sniffing the smoke with a rolled note.
Se hicieron un chino en una esquina
They made a chino in a corner
Para evitar el SIDA, hoy los yonkis hacen chinos
To avoid AIDS, nowadays junkies make chinos
by fonsucu October 12, 2008
A man fond of sucking other men´s cock
Buen mamón busca macho con rabazo

Good sucker looks for male with big cock
by fonsucu June 12, 2008
(Spanish slang) Of a male, being sexually aroused
Tomé una viagra y me pusé super burro
I took viagra and I got a real boner

No me toques el culo, que me pongo burro
Don't touch my bum, or I'll get a hard-on
by fonsucu February 01, 2009
In Spanish gay slang, an instance of sexual intercourse, typically between a male prostitute (chapero) and his customer.
Qué, tío, nos hacemos una chapa?

What then, mate, shall we have a shag?
by fonsucu June 12, 2008
A native of the Philippines, so called in honour of Spanish king Philip II. Filipinos are notorious for being the only Hispanics in Asia. Family-oriented people, they are fond of fiestas, church-going and commercial centers. They speak Malay languages mixed with an awful lot of Spanish words. They like dancing Iberian dances, as the jota, and eat lechón, mechado, arroz caldo, pan de sal and many more Spanish delicacies. Filipinos shock their Spanish brethren from Spain and America for not being able to speak Spanish.Instead, they try to converse with them in broken English, a language that most Hispanics totally ignore. Filipinos have Spanish names and surnames, although many of them seem to ignore that fact. They are fond of Spanish diminutives to call themselves, as Lito, Pilita, Solita, Conchín, Tato, Manín, Cory, Luli, and many more. Although the Philippines enjoyed a wonderful architectural Spanish heritage, everything was destroyed by the Americans, so now they have nothing.
A los filipinos les encanta merendar
Filipinos are very fond of picnicking.

by fonsucu September 12, 2008
In Spanish slang, the police
Estábamos de botellón y vino la madera a cortarnos el rollo

We were binge-drinking and the fuzz turned up to fuck it all
by fonsucu February 03, 2009
Marijuana cigarette, "porro".
"Pásame el mai, tío" "Pass me the joint, mate"
by fonsucu June 09, 2008
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