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eX Young Lady - wife. Amateur/CB radio-speak when refering to your own or someone else's wife.
Ham 1 - "Who was that YL you were with last night?"

Ham 2 - "That was no YL, that was my XYL!"
by fogyfos October 23, 2009
Common-use word for Government licenced 'Radio Amatuer Operator'. Often thought to be a CB operator, but with much more technical knowledge and apparatus for world-wide communication. Some "hams" are quite content to 'work around the corner' with very simple equipment, whilst others use earth-moon-earth and satellites to communicate with each other. Many Governments register 'radio-hams' as emergency telecoms stations in the event of national disasters etc.
Boy- "Hey mister, are you a CBer?"

Elmer - "No, I'm a Radio-Ham - a bit like a CBer's big brother, but much more complicated"
by fogyfos October 23, 2009
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