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Someone who dewells from Wales, Ireland, Scotland, Cornwall, The Isle of Man or Britanny. An ancient people who frequently raided Saxon villages.
Wales, Ireland and Scotland are all Celtic nations
by Foad September 24, 2003
one hides his ninja identity with a shirt over the head. bad ass mother fuckers.
Dude! That t-shirt ninja totally kicked my ass!
by foad January 09, 2005
In England, rugby is a posh persons sport mainly, but in other countries (e.g Wales) it's a working class sport. The best teams are England, New Zealand, South Africa, Australia and France
Joe: You see the rugby last night?
Jim: Yeah, we shudda won by more.....
by Foad September 22, 2003
can be used to desbribe someone you see as an idiot, or someone obnoxious
That boy is a complete wazzock
by Foad June 23, 2003
A lush or drunk.
Dat bitch stank like jo mama's ass.
by FOAD September 15, 2003

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