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Used to describe a man's firm grip on a woman's breast, where the entire surface area of the palm and fingers are kept in a clenched state over/around the boob. One or two hands may be used.
John had Jane locked under a grizzly claw, and with a loud roar he continued his semi-violent lovemaking.
by flylikegumby December 04, 2006
The process of luring/seducing a partner into sex, and then promptly abandoning the partner afterwards. Also known as bang and run.
I went bang bang al capone on Sally, that sorry cokehead whore---I love free sex.
by flylikegumby December 05, 2006
Another term for a stud, player, etc. A man who swings from bush to bush with ease. Used most often in a mildly offensive manner; typically applied to men who pick up ugly women. This implies their fortune wasn't due to their charm, but rather their hefty beer goggles or lack of self-respect/taste.
Brad! Another fat one last night? You darned jungle monkey!
by flylikegumby November 30, 2006

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