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a mexican drug mafia one of the most notorious mafias in the world of mexico that has gotten bigger in the usa were the majority in texas
man i wanna whoop that fools ass........nah because all his family are zetas
by fly281 July 05, 2009
Is a mexican organize crime family that is known to be started in Laredo ,Tx and has been told they also got people in the area of Houston,TX and southern parts of California. They are involve in murders and selling big large amounts of drugs. They keep a good friendship with the mexican drug cartel. Also known as (ZETAS) The Reyes Crime Family also known as Los Reyes translating Reyes in english meaning The Kings consider there self to be rulers and gods with the power of there money there wealth and the fear they but into the lifes of other. Los Reyes consider there self The Sons of Satan and are known to practice voodoo and witchcraft some are heavy tatted of devils,demons and the number 666 to show the respect and there worship to the devil.
Whos the Reyes crime family........O Los Reyes its like a organize crime of crazy guys that are lost in life they into that devil stuff
by fly281 July 08, 2009
www.dopespace.com is the chating line of spm go to it and make a profile
man its fucking bore n shit i think iam gonna get on dopespace
by fly281 July 08, 2009
deuce meaning 2 so its 281 the area code of southwest houston texas
were you from .......iam from the deuce 81
by fly281 July 05, 2009
texas mexican ballers high rank notorious mexican that got all the girls and the rides usally with the mexican drug cartels
man look at those tight rides iam gonna rob them .........hell nah those are tmb they cut your head and kill yo family
by fly281 July 05, 2009
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