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The process of making wet
Yo, Dave, fetch me a jug of water, I gotta wetten my mouth up.

Yo, Dave, cover me at work for a little while, I gotta go wetten Christie up.

Yo, Dave, go roll up my car windows, I don't want the rain to wetten my seats
by flurffmeister August 29, 2008
A five dollar bill. Comes from suffixing fin with ster. Works particularly well in card games like poker or Acey Deucey as a chant or taunt to encourage the player to bet $5.
Oh, that's at least worth a finster

A deuce and a seven? Come on, grow some balls. Fin-ster! Fin-ster! Fin-ster!
by flurffmeister August 29, 2011
Mastermind and overall cult icon well known in the web-browser-based RPG area (Kings of Chaos and his own game Rise of Tyrants). Does not like the f capitalized. Is a known sex offender.
fury's game is the best, I want to have his babies.

OMG fury humped my leg, I feel speshul now!
by flurffmeister January 25, 2005

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