12 definitions by flippytale

With the use of it any word can be turned into a fuck you statement with undertones of absolute contempt
yeah, what ever you say...
by flippytale January 24, 2004
Okay, its hopelessly outdated, but that is what makes it so kewl to use! Especially if it is referring to anything retro...
Kewl, that clock you found at CP is sew groovy! It will go great in you hip pad!
by flippytale January 16, 2004
VERB: The act of not doing anything very productive...fucking around
All they did at the mall was diddle around
by flippytale January 16, 2004
Bank of America...a really big corporate bank that seems to be everywhere
I just checked my bofa online
by flippytale January 15, 2004
While giving instructions about computer entry options, used to refer to the act of clicking on a dialog box on the computer screen. click
Say "I accept" and enter your name then say "okay". The program should then save to your desktop.
by flippytale January 13, 2004

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