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To move at speed, quickly proceed.
"I was hammering down the motorway at about 160 mph and this geezer onna rice boi bike hammers past me!"
by flatley June 06, 2005
50 pence. Or one half of one Great British Pound. A pound coin is gold in colour, hence the reference to a gold bar.
Blokeinnapub 1 "Oy! 'Ow much firra game o' pool iniss shittol 'en?"
Blokkeinnapub 2 "Arf a bar mate anna taker to er fuckincleaners annaw"
by flatley June 06, 2005
v. To become confused in a financial transaction, ending up with 85 dollars less than you originally began with.
The pizza guy definitely 85 dollared me, officer. He told me it would be 10 bucks for the pizza. I asked him if he could break a hundred, and he said "sure." Then he mentioned something about a tax for apartments above the 5th floor, gas surcharge, long distance delivery fee, and a penalty for ordering more than 3 toppings on my pizza. The next thing I know, I'm only getting 15 bucks change and the guy's already in the elevator going downstairs.
by Flatley August 05, 2003

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