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An automatic electric dishwasher. In particular, the very least expensive model you could find at the local discount appliance store, which has only a timer dial with normal and long wash cycles (but no pre-wash) and a heated dry rocker switch (but no indicator light), closes with a spring-loaded slide latch, and has a white plastic interior with a telescoping penis center sprayer. Because when the old one finally stopped working, you couldn't afford to buy a fancy model with electronic touch controls and a whisper quiet motor and a stainless steel interior and adjustable multi-level racks and dual washer arms. The good news is that the brainless motor-driven cycle timer clock in your cheap washdisher will probably outlast several hundred dollars worth of replacements for failure-prone computer motherboards and electronic sensor elements for that outrageously expensive and hideously complicated dishwasher you didn't buy.
Mom: Where did you put the shika shika (carrot peeler)?
Pop: Look in the washdisher. I ran it last night before bed.
by flashlightfloyd July 04, 2009
The distinctive sound made by a nee action or floating swivel blade vegetable peeler when peeling carrots. This type of manual peeler has a double-sided interior-edged hemi-curved blade, mounted on a limited-radius swivel-action shaft. The shaft end is mounted in a handle made of metal or plastic, which also provides the stops that limit the swiveling radius of the blade. This peeler mechanism is particularly effective for long-shaped vegetables and fruits such as carrots and cucumbers.
Can I help you in the kitchen? Get out the shika shika from the drawer to the left of the stove, and peel some carrots for the stew and salad, if you like.
by flashlightfloyd March 22, 2009
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