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The highest level of tripping.
Completely freaking out. Usually crazy ass drugs are involved.
I took some acid and extacy at the same time last night...I was trippin balls man.
#trip #tripping #trippin #trippin' #tripping balls
by FlamingGuts May 23, 2006
A bird in an internet cartoon who is angry for coins.
his beak is like metal. his beak is also magnetic and makes coins come to it. sometimes he fights ninjas and other things. if you take his coins he will kill you and take them back.
look up coin bird on google to see the videos.
coin bird's coming for your koins!!!
#koinee #coins #koin bahd #beak #coinz
by FlamingGuts May 23, 2006
A person that is known to rant and rave about things. Their opinions are usually ignorant and lack evidence. The term comes from the literal meaning of "blowing hard". If you blow hard enough people pretty much have to listen.
Famous blow-hards include Glenn Beck and Dr. Phil.
#blow hard #blowhard #loud-mouth #loud #annoying #glenn beck #dr. phil #fox news
by FlamingGuts November 08, 2009
a crazy guy that woodoo's all day long and weses about mustard and gnar kill
very very haggard
"bring it the fuck on, WOODOOWAAW!!"

-rake yohn
by FlamingGuts December 01, 2003
a disco ball that the german aliens seek wisom from on the tv show Aqua Teen Hunger Force
"Do not question the mighty Obnauticus!!"
#aqua teen #disco ball #moon people #shake #frylock
by FlamingGuts April 16, 2006
The 64 oz challenge truely is a gentelmens game.
People take turns trying to drink a 64 oz cup of water as fast as they possibly can in two minutes. This will ALWAYS result in puking. However you are not allowed to puke while you still have water to drink. If you do puke before the water is gone you still have to finish the water, or forever be called a pussy bitch.

To prepare your 64 oz cup fill it till the water is about a half inch away from the top. Also have someone else carry a mug of water. Go outside (don't want to puke inside). Pour the mug into the 64oz cup until it is to the brim. Have someone ready with the timer to count down from three. Now you're ready to 64 that shit to the motha fuckin brim.
"Damn dude, did you see him do the 64 oz challenge last night? He puked for a good minute after."
#64 #sixty four #puke #64 oz #siddy fo #chug #drink
by FlamingGuts July 10, 2006
something that rake yohn says while listening to the new gnar kill cd or when he gets mustard in his hair
by FlamingGuts December 01, 2003
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