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some kid from niskayuna NY. he has toolish qualities along with an absurdness that never ceases to make you laugh. very strange and somewhat resembles an actual bird. AKA 'butters'
i think bird is gonna be there tonight. koren is probably with him. what a fucking tool.
by five speed March 19, 2005
some kid that goes to school in oneonta. he is always wearin a biscuits hat
yo, boz, that munchkin jam was tight yo!!
by five speed March 15, 2005
alta- a state of mind taken from the states spokesman johnny utah (aka kyle mrazz). it enbodies the spirt of letting it ride, or living on an edge only he seems to be pushing.
"one time in alta, i did a soaring backflip drop out of a helicopter into an avalanch. i surfed it all the way down to the llodge where my bitches awaited"
by five speed March 16, 2005
a kid originally from upstate NY. he now resides in Utah and continues to tell tall tales.
Johnny Utah called me yesterday, he said he bombed down Alta and did a triple backflip off of a 180ft cliff. he then proceded to peel out in the parking lot in a black '88 sunbird with a barrel muffler, headed home, and got it on with three hot-ass(fat) chicks
by five speed March 16, 2005
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