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Costing the same
"Hey, from here, a trip to Paris is roughly coexpensive with going to Hawaii -- let's go to France."

Or: "Outsourcing payroll is going to be coexpensive with keeping it in house, so I could go either way on it."

It's obviously a play on "coextensive."
by FitofPeak June 26, 2012
Gave somebody a strange look, esp. one indicating confusion or irritation.
"Dad, what's the problem -- you stranged me when we were talking to mom just then."
by FitofPeak April 12, 2010
The state of being so engrossed in one's device (iPhone, iPad or equivalent) that one remains oblivious to all surrounding activity and communication and to the social norms that once governed them. Accordingly, the Law of iNertia states that a person engaged with his or her device will remain so engaged, regardless of any forces acting upon them to achieve a change of state. (The Law of iNertia thus operates contrary to the Law of Inertia, according to which a body at rest will remain at rest and a body in motion will continue moving with a constant velocity unless acted upon by an external non zero force.)
"Hon, did you ask Mike to take out the trash?"

"Yeah, but he was iNert. I'll try after dinner."
by FitofPeak July 27, 2014
Of marginal relevance -- not really relevant, but close enough to maybe be interesting anyway. (From "para" (beside, subsidiary to) + relevant (probative).)
Phil, your job performance this year sucked, although the fact that you always made a fresh pot of decaf when it was almost out is parelevant and gets you some team-play points.
by FitofPeak November 22, 2012
An iPhone that has been accidentally immersed in water, beer, soup or other liquid, with resultant catastrophic failure.
"Sorry I didn't call, I'm rocking an iDrown after falling into Dave's pool last night."
by FitofPeak September 17, 2012
The article produced when one inserts one's water-soaked iPhone into a box of white rice, desperately trying to resuscitate it by having the rice draw out the moisture.
"Dude, sorry I didn't text you -- I've got iPhone sushi here thanks to my wife washing my trou without checking the pockets."
by FitofPeak July 26, 2015
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