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Crazy, Insane, Bonkers.
Jack: "If we don't find a way out of this soon, I'm gonna loose it."

*Teal'C cocks his head looking confused*

Jack: "Lose it? It means go crazy ... nuts ... insane ... Bonzo ..."

*He's putting more ketchup and mustard on the plate as he's talking*

Jack: "No longer in possession of one's faculties ... Three fries short of a Happy Meal ... WACKO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

*He shows Teal'C the smiley face he drew on the plate*
by Fishyghost January 18, 2008
1) To be really good.
2) As replacement to okay or great.

Note: Usually said with half-hearted meaning or sarcasm OR with little or no interest in the subject of the conversation.
Example 1

Boy: Sir, is this alright?
Mr. Lowis: Yeah proper smickles

Example 2

Boy: How would you answer this question sir?
Mr. Lowis: If you need to ask that after all these lessons you are clearly not paying much attention.
James L.: Sir it's easy! You're just stupid!
Mr. Lowis: Laughter
Boy: So would it be alright if I answered it like this?
Mr. Lowis: Yep, proper smickles.
Standing Ovation
by fishyghost January 24, 2008
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