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1. A delicious, wonderful woman.
2. A great groupee of w00t4b00bz.
Is it just me.. or is she a..*blank face* x00r? I think I messed myself!
by Fish January 28, 2003
adj.Aust.colloq.1:To have sex with an unattractive person. Derived from the colloquial use of the words pig meaning unatttractive, and root meaning fornication.
2: To have sex like a pig in a jerky motion while grunting loudly.
See above definitions
by Fish January 06, 2005
Rare creature, commonly found feasting on brie near a piano. Similar to the jigglypuff, the gouthami is often found watching anime, preferably with jewish villainesses.
In the distance, Gouthami could hear the acclaimed call, "Death before life, death before life, death before life!"
by Fish April 17, 2005
Big Meat w0000t nice please? help me
Oh he has a El_Eazy its rather huge
by Fish January 12, 2005
n/adj.slang. Female genitals that have had the pubic hair well trimmed into a 'V' shape above the labia and had the pubic hair removed from the labia.
The name comes from the appearance of the female gentials since thay resemble the look/shape of a Volkswagen trunk/bonnet.
The woman has the nicest vee dub bonnet.
by Fish January 06, 2005
The proverbial "brain fart". Also known as "scf". Making a silly mistake. A small, yet ridiculous blunder.
"I was suffering from some sort of "sub-cranial-flatulance" that day, my bad."

"You should take sumthin' fer that "SCF" of yours... "
by Fish October 15, 2004
A purpose built bicycle for the around-town-commuter. A "sweet townie" would have lights, racks, bell, bags, lock, fenders, etc. Most townies are a mix of function and fun. Often having many purely stylish additions as well.
"Her townie has flames on the fenders and the leather saddle."

"My townie has a 'hoola-girl' on the handlebars."
by Fish October 15, 2004

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