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Penis, Sperm Shooter, Dipstick, DiCK
Tell that girl to get off my MEAT PISTOL.
by Fish February 15, 2004
One who teaches gym. Thinks hes "gangsta" but is not. Works at Kingsway and is known to be a busta. AKA Lamar Latrell.
Man yous a Dodulik! I cant believe u did that you busta, no man yous a Dodulik.
by Fish November 19, 2004
adj.Aust.colloq. Extremely good or excellent. Circa 1980's created by adding the two words,used in their colloquial form,'bulk' & 'ace' togehter.
"The party I went to on the weekend was bulkace."
by Fish January 05, 2005
large, hairy, arab man that excels at such gambling games as cards, and is enabled to get any female's phone number that he so desires. Often during sporting events a henien can be found dying on the sideline from exhaustion.
Where's pete? Off hitting on some girl again cuz he loves them all.
by fish September 08, 2004
a strange word for when you just cant seem to think of anything else to say. Comes from the words turd and muffin.
"Geez man your such an ass" "Oh yea well um... um... your a turdmuffin!"
by Fish December 15, 2004
plumber, see also over paid pee moper
Call the terd wrestler, the toilet is over flowing
by Fish November 10, 2004
It is a play on the wording, comes from the term "no tits" but now you can tell your boys whats up without the lady having a clue that you've noticed her weakness.
Yo, check out that honey over there, she got toe nits!!
by FISH November 06, 2004

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