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A mysterious animal who will one day take over the world. They could be anywhere. Many disguise themselves as humans so that they can blend in and spy on the human population. Forefoxes are everywhere. Beware of their call.
One day firefoxes will take over the world! I love firefoxes!
by firefox21 May 14, 2011
to try to look at something without be noticed therefore glancing and looking at the same time. Note: Sometimes a look-glance can give you a false impression
She look-glanced to see if her stalker was really standing next to her boyfriend talking to him when her boyfriend knew that that person stalked her but at a second look-glance she realized it was not
by firefox21 May 18, 2011
Another word for "Awkward"
Wow i just ran into my ex...it was really dipping sauce.
by firefox21 May 18, 2011
TR stands for tongue raped. This is when an object or person is raped by the force of a tongue.
The girl was standing there when a guy grabbed her face and TRed her by sticking his tongue in her mouth
by firefox21 May 18, 2011
bootylicious buns
I work my B.B.'s all the time
by firefox21 March 20, 2011

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