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You Only Live Once... Unless you're hindu
Conversation between two people:

"Are you going to take that shot?"


"Well actually, YOLOUYH!"
by FinShaggy December 27, 2012
(SH-Way-STE Face-tid)

To be really, really, really, really, really, reaally, high.
"After hitting that triple hash bowl, I was Shwaysty Face-ted."

"You look Shwaysty Face-ted."
by FinShaggy October 31, 2011
(Also Merican)

A person in America (possible including North and South America, but more specifically the United States) who partakes in the consumption of marijuana by smoke, vapor, or ingestion (IV too, but felt ridiculous to include.)

So, in summary: A person in America who partakes in any marijuana use.
"I'm a True Amerijuanacan, I smoke weed everyday."

"Is Obama Amerijuanacan?"

"So, since Clinton probably ate brownies when he 'Didn't inhale', is he Amerijuanacan?" (yes)
by FinShaggy September 27, 2011
I feel as if our nation needs a new political party for the people who are on the fence... a party that is for both smaller government, and interested in better welfare for it's citizens. A party that can worry about American jobs and healthcare, WHILE support new forms of healthcare and allowing more foreigners into the country. A Party that can say legalize weed, AND say "That's what Jesus would do". AND a party that is for gun LAWS and EDUCATION, but wants regular citizens to posses those weapons, with proper education and familiarity with some kind of weapon as a child into adulthood. And still make rules about more problematic criminals (felons) having guns, but also make it where felon means murderers, rapists, and heavy assailants.
Are you going to the Demorepublicats convention?
by FinShaggy March 26, 2013
Pronounced: "Three me off"

True name:

This substance was previously known as "Mescaline" and was used a lot in the 60's and 70's, but I feel as if when people hear the word mescaline, it makes mescaline sound less fun.

So I propose we give it a name that is just as fun to say as it is to trip on... 3-MeOPh, or as a nickname "3Meof" or "Free-me-of" or "Throw-me-off"

This stuff is no longer drug tested for either, because no one takes it anymore.
I LOVE 3moef, I saw god last weekend.

I heard there are Native tribes that use 3meof religiously.

Does 3meof really come from cactus' I can buy at home depot?

Is there a 3meof cactus in my yard?

How do you get 3meof out of a cactus?
by FinShaggy February 13, 2013
Follow the GREEN rabbit :)
"Enter the Weedtrix"
by FinShaggy February 26, 2012
Four Score = 4:20
or "I'm so high"
"Four Score, and Seven years ago"
"I'm so high right now...And seven years ago."
by FinShaggy February 26, 2012

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