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The First Rule of human food consumtion. If you drop the twinkie on the floor of your apartment and pick it up with 3 seconds, it's still good. If you try to put it in your mouth at any point past 3:01 seconds, you're a dirty bastard, and will probably die from gangrene of the mouth.

NOTE: This rule is not applicable in a gas station restroom (that's just wrong).
Don't touch it man! That bad boy is WAY past the 3 second rule!
by filmchild February 20, 2004
Refers to a primarily Black hairstyle, where enough gel or texturizer is used to turn normally curly hair, "wavy". Not nearly as popular now as it was in mid to late 80's. Also the explanation for a so-called "wave" brush. Very even flowing waves are difficult to obtain and were highly regarded once.
Son, I can get so many waves, it'll make ya seasick.
by filmchild February 24, 2004
A highly effective means of pointing out hot members of the opposite sex (or the same sex if you slide that way) to your associates (usually in public) without drawing undue attention to oneself. It works like this: The person calling the clock is always facing 12 o'clock and so a honey off to your left is at your 9 and so on. For experienced clockers, there are added terms such as tight (close), deep (far), High (above you), and Low (below). It's important to remember not to shift around to much immediately after calling a clock, so as to avoid undue confusion and back-of-the-head slapping.
God damn it, I'm calling out a 3:30 gentleman, can I get an Amen?
by Filmchild February 25, 2004
The art and science of hurtling blindly in the wrong direction with no sense of the impending doom about to be inflicted on one's sorry ass. Usually applied to procedures, processes, or theories based on faulty logic, or faulty personnel.
Once again, marketing wants the poor engineers to build something that will sell, but don't have a clue what that "something" could be. Bass ackwards as usual.
by filmchild February 24, 2004
An individual who raises the act of taking a dishonorable, lowbrow, disrespectable action to an artform. This is accomplished either through frequent and conspicuous use of cheap shots or a particularly noteworthy low blow.
I thought I had won the bar fight but that cheap shot artist bit me on the balls.
by Filmchild February 25, 2004
An individual of greater skill, knowledge, or talent who unambigiously dominates over an individual or group. A bus driver is so named because he/she takes everyone to school (See "Schooled").
I tried to drive the lane on that big brother, but damn it, the bus driver took the whole team to school.
by filmchild February 24, 2004

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