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A backpack, within a backpack, within a backpack, within a backpack carried by tweekers. Pack appears to empty and singular when it enters your residence, but all the packs leave full of all your shit.
What's up with that gakked out tweeker bitch lurping through the house? I'm watching this crank skank, she's got one of those lurppacks. She's stealing our shit so she can buy shit!
by ferciouskniff February 22, 2011
To be stuck, like a tree stump, in utter disbelief
I can't believe that slut ass bitch whore was fucking my associate in our bed. I'm completely stumptified!
by ferciouskniff November 19, 2010
A hairless/shaved pussy
Dude, I saw an vintage porno from the 80's today. Those skanks all had big bushed beavers. I'm so glad the loose cum dumpsters today have wigits.
by ferciouskniff February 21, 2011

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