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a unique and artistic awesome girl. she is strong and stands up for what she believes in. she is extremely independent and is a real catch. she truly is one in a million and she has an awesome sense of fashion that is completely her own. she has a natural born beauty and is graceful. awesome taste in music and knows how to have fun but she does have her blonde moments. often times has difficulties with driving to new places with out getting lost, this tends to create an exciting adventure. (gps not working)
boy: "woah did you see that girl?"
boy2: "mmmhmm id like to make some sweet music with that girl!"
Amara: " oh no you didnt! not a chance boys!"
by fedmsb April 02, 2011
a very extreamly confusing guy. shows that he has feelings for you sometimes, but then might just randomly stop talking to you at any time. veryy flirtatious. manwhore. willll lead you on. halarious. full of charisma. charming so you have to love him. boys are jealous of him. girls are jealous of the girl he is flirting with at the time..

not persistent. inconsistent when it comes to love.

changes moods easily; moody.

greatest, most annoying person on the face of this earth..yet i still want to be with him..

if you catch a jasper he will be faithful to the end and extremely charming and adorable. very musically talented and has a wonderful sense of humor
*sigh of bitterness and frustration* i dont know what to do im so confused and dont know what to do. i really like jasper but hes so confusing!!! i need to get over him but hes so charming and something about him so entirely loveable.
by fedmsb April 02, 2011
hilarious, awesome, good at singing, sweet, shy at first, nerdy but in a good way. this nerd will become your best friend and then long lasting lover. big penis. wonderful in bed.
girl2:wow did you see that boy?
girl1:yeah hes kenan
girl2:"ohh no wonder he is so funny and nerdy but in the sweetest way possible."
by fedmsb April 02, 2011
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