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4 definitions by featherheadress

When someone wears so much eyeliner that they are likely to die of eyelid cancer
Look at that scene kid, total eyeliner overdose!
by featherheadress April 03, 2011
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Picante is the green power ranger in Power Rangers. He is also featured in another film. Bed, Breakfast, Murder: Picante the Green Power Ranger.
Hey Picante, are you ready to kick some ass?
by featherheadress April 27, 2010
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Hipster Beyond Human Comprehension (HBHC)
Did you see that guy with the tight red skinny jeans, seamless tube scarf, boat shoes, and vintage fixie bike? He was HBHC.
by featherheadress March 19, 2012
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intoxicated or high
Hey bob how ya doin'?

I'm feeling congenial today
by featherheadress December 12, 2010
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