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due to economy and expensive addition towards their new high class, state-of-the-art preforming arts center, now an *exclusive* preK-12 preparatory school, where parents pay $12,00 tuition a year located in The Woodlands.

known by kids at The Woodlands High School (voted the most snobbiest school in America by David Letterman) as "that snobby, smart, rich kid school"

A school where starting at the age of 10, kids first phones are iphones and droids, 14 year girls get their hair bleached and get spray tans, every single boy in the school has an xbox 360, and only top, name brand clothes are worn.

in carpool line, all you see are bmws, audis, escalades, and other ridiculously priced sports cars.

youve known everybody since kindergarten, and their parents, and their dogs.

by the 6th grade, all girls, and boys, go to professional hair salons

everyones perfect at everything, because thats coopers reputation

where soulja boy and kyle massey go to your birthday parties and you dont even care, and if you dont have a dj, you're poor

you live in carlton woods, and if you dont, well youre family is still a member

otherwise known as Hell.
a typical the john cooper school convo

G: omg you're new vintage coach purse is so cute!
A: it was only 700$
G: oh nevermind, its ugly
by feahjeavmeaop June 25, 2010

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