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3 definitions by fat nutz

a individual who frequently attacks or assaults the penile region. can be self inflicted.
i was asaulted last night by a dickpuncher when leaving the bar, he uppercutted my cock so hard i threw up!!
by fat nutz September 29, 2007
10 0
an unshaved, shitty smelling twat, or cunt, if you wanna be politically correct.these can be rectified with simple tools like a razor, or soap, wich can be found at many locations world wide.
i was hanging with my girl, i was gonna go down on her so i gave her the finger test...man im glad i did!, boy did she have a hairy stinky twat!
by fat nutz September 29, 2007
8 4
a shit like substance, or undescribable substance; can be found on the human body, or anywere else. ex. bathroom, garage, basement, woods etc...etc...
i found this white chud under my nut sack dude.

ew!! look at this chud in the fridge.

i stepped in some chud back crossing the creek.
by fat nutz September 29, 2007
11 23