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When your 5 finger fiance gives you a bit of a knob-job. Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE does it does it but still people are embarrassed by it. It SHOULD be that if you didn't masturbate it was sick or weird, not the other way around! I do it, I know another guy that does it, and I am very sure that everyone else in my school does it. Note: Do it, it feels soooooo great. P.s. for extra pleasure use lubricant and watch hardcore porn while you do it this way you get great pleasure and an AMAZING orgasm!
Me and ***** were in my house by ourselves so we went on the net and watched some porn...then we masturbated and neither of us felt embarrassed.
by fapperface June 21, 2005
a kickass game that i got as a b-day present from my aunt. at first i thought it was gay because i had never play FF before and i thought the whole disney aspect was for toddlers but then i played it. the start of the game made me feel like i really didnt want to play but then it got better, and better, and better. it revealed an amazing and surprisingly dark storyline which i just loved. and the cameos from FF are class because you get to see classic charachters redone with amazing graphics (Examples:Cloud, Squall, Yuffie and my personal favourite cameo,Sephiroth)

In short KH blew my brains out the back of my head with amazing force and beauty!

P.S: I think Ansem should go down in video game history for being one of the coolest villains ever!
by fapperface August 22, 2005

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