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someone who has masterd the art of fapping and who everyday practises this art.
Harold - who is that guy

grethel - thats james he is a master fapper
by fapper20 May 04, 2009
the most evil corporation behind disney and walmart. whose chain store sell cheaply made food which is made my employees who have died long ago inside and are just shells of people they once were.Customers who come to the stores may think that they are stupid but the sandwhich artist are just a zombie now. what with bad pay and no breaks.
Hey do you like your job. No i work at subway.
by fapper20 May 03, 2009
a fast food restuarant that claims its food is fresh but really everything is precooked and frozen like in any other resturant. Also claims its healthy to eat there but in all actuality even the honey mustard is fatting .Also a very horrible place to work at.
Hey how do you like your job.
I dont i work at subway
by fapper20 May 20, 2009
When a girl or gay guy is trying to get a peek at a guys peanus
i was in the woods relieving my self when tori came up from behind me meat seeking
by fapper20 May 04, 2009
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