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A human-being with extreme super abilities.
A future leader. A past wish come true.
A present that was a gift from God.
A smile that can stop time. Harrison is guy that has charm built in his DNA. He attracts others like Magnets.
Whining Government: Oh no what will we do about the economy?
Rest of public: Harrison is keeping it going he is the guy with endless supply of effort. Harrison is the guy that will bring down the takers and birth the contributors.

Politician: Who can help us out of this situation?
Governor: Harrison has it under control, he is the man to go to.

Wife: I always wished for a angelic, handsome leader as a son.
Husband: Then you chose the right son to have:)

The volume of the women in the room grew soft, the batting eyelashes fluttered.Then a announcer introduced HARRISON. All the room could see was Harrison.

The party was slow quiet and very lathargic. People yawning. Harrison walked in and people gathered. The room grew in excitement. Dancing and laughter grew.Someone yelled NOW THIS IS A HARRISON. This is a Cool Party.

A happy motherof a GREAT son: I wish everyone could have a Harrison.
by fanofharrison February 11, 2010

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