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3 definitions by fancy

Common meeting grounds for white trash. Is usually preceded by a morning spent in boxer shorts watching Nascar. After meeting at the lobster tank, a dinner of chicken fried steak is consumed over a bottle of crate wine and Sammy Kershaw albums.
"Yo Sissy, are you meeting me and Bubba at the lobster tank tonight?"

"Yeah, just as soon as I hose down the doublewide."
by fancy February 09, 2005
An alternate word for alcohol. Based on the fact that Mischa Barton (Marissa) on The O.C. is a borderline alchi. (Synonym: Kirsten)
Yo, did you get the mischa? I'm in the mood to get drunk.
by fancy May 13, 2005
Someone who cannot function in life without lying out their ass. Almost everything they say is fabricated, usually to make themselves look better.
That boyd just told me he's had seven beers tonight when I know the can in his hand is same one he walked in with. What a boap!
by fancy February 09, 2005